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Welcome to the "New and Improved" Glossy Digital website!


Glossy Digital specializes in Sports Photography; we also do a fair amount of

portrait work for schools, graduation pictures, weddings, proms, and other special

events.  Running and Nordic Skiing are our passions; over time, we will be adding

photos from numerous events to this web site.


As you may know, we are in the process of moving and enhancing our website. 

Initially, our focus will be on posting new content.  Other content will be moved to

this site as time permits.  As content is moved, the links below will be enabled.


To view content from our original website, simply click on the "Glossy Digital Classic"

 hyperlink at left.


Our web site currently contains photos in 5 sports areas:  Cross Country, Indoor

Track, Outdoor Track, Road Races, and Nordic Skiing.  "Other Stuff" will be added

as needed.  The links below will take you to these pages.  These photos have been

"downsized" to optimize your downloading experience.  


High resolution prints of these photos are available at very reasonable prices; please

contact us for details.  Your purchases make this website possible.  Thank you for

supporting us!


Please be aware that the content on this site is Copyright by Glossy Digital. You are hereby

granted a non-exclusive license to view this material ("Content") while connected to this site. 

Except as expressly provided above, all rights are reserved.


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